Sabum Byun

Co-founder ∙ Plus X ∙ South Korea

About the Speaker

Sabum Byun received a wide range of domestic and overseas awards such as IF, REDDOT, IDEA, GOOD DESIGN and BRAND NEW awards, etc. He is the co-founder of Plus X since 2010 and also as a designer for 14 years.

He is currently working with several companies in Korea and China with interests in UI design, GUI design and others. He hosted various seminars for Adobe, Alibaba, Ali Pay, Tencent, NetEase and held a course in Korea’s design college.

He designed with motion graphics in the past and made significant results in marketing promotion design. Now, He is working on designing the services since he has co-founded Plus X.

Based on his previous experience in motion graphics and marketing, he applies his knowledge naturally when creating service or brand. Although he is working as a director of the leading projects, he also tries to work as a highly active designer.

Plus X is doing various kinds of endeavor. While the UI, UX, and Branding are the main businesses, it also makes products internally and tries to create new experiences.

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