Zhu Zheqin, Dadawa

Musician / Independent Producer; Founder ∙ KANJIAN Creation ∙ Mainland of China

About the Speaker

Dadawa is one of the most important Chinese singers, crossover sound artist, independent producer, and served as UNDP Goodwill Ambassador in China.

Over the past 20 years, with music as her point of departure, she has embarked on her journey of crossover artistic exploration. As an avant-garde pioneer of contemporary Chinese music, her works have entered the fields of sound as well as visual, design, public, community and performance art in recent years.

In her latest adventure, the tireless Chinese performer and entrepreneur brings together traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. In 2013, she founded a new brand called KANJIAN, which is a social enterprise promoting contemporary design inspired by the wisdom of traditional Chinese crafts.

In terms of cultural preservation to cultural innovation, Dadawa is always ahead of time.

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Photo by Jason Capobianco

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Heritage & Design
Dec 8
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