Duan Yanling

Chair Person ∙ open heart design alliance OHDA ∙ Mainland of China

About the Moderator

Named as one of “China’s top 10 design influencers” by Elle Decor China, “design figure of the year 2015” by Beijing Design Week, yanling Duan is recognized as one of the earliest creative entrepreneurs, media personalities, and design evangelists bridging creativity, culture and commerce with her presence across communication, design and community building work. She takes delight in leading, engaging and inspiring a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural teams and supervising entire development process, from envisioning strategic objectives to clear action plans, all the while ensuring value-added solutions that lead to quality results. Yanling’s vision and action has resulted the launching of Abitare China Publishing Group, one of China’s earliest design  power house,  Niwotata Future Hub(www.niwotata.org),  Beijing’s first co-create working space and design platform; Worlds 10 most important design events- Beijing Design Week(www.bjdw.org); and OPEN HEART DESIGN(www.openheartdesign.org), a social design community movement  that seeks to revive China’s ancient wisdom with modern insights and innovative approaches contributing to China’s design renaissance age. Yanling is currently gathering hearts and heads in Stockholm and Beijing for:  OHDA Circular Economy Network, Niwotata Nordic Colab, various sustainable design projects such as WHOLIS CREATIVE TOWNSHIP development and Capital of Design Beijing development Group. In the spirit of connecting and inspiring, yanling shares her creative ventures and “life-long learning”experiences with magazines, TV shows, design exhibitions and seminars for media, interest partners and public audience distributed by China Central  China Travel Channel, Beijing Design Week, OHDA’s media and design partners.  

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